Bespoke Industrial Flooring Solutions in the UK and Europe


A High-Build Epoxy Coating featuring Slip Resistance and a Glossy Finish.

An Epoxy Screed covered with Epoxy Coatings and Lane Lines.

High-Build Epoxy Coating.


High-Build Epoxy Coating.

Pumpable Industrial Topping and High-Build Epoxy Coating.

Retail / Restaurants

This is an internal concrete effect system that comes in various colours with either Matt or gloss finish. It can be laid in both commercial and domestic environments.

This is an old restaurant floor, Screeded and decorative blended epoxy flake system incorporating holographic chips in a gloss finish.

Outdoor Carparks / Driveways

This is a garden dig out, red granite border with a three stone blend main surface finish to a domestic driveway.

A Resin Bound System suitable for vehicle traffic.

Indoor Carparks

A Fast Cure Resin system with parking spaces.


Cementitious Polymer Industrial Topping.


Floor levelled and finished with an Epoxy Flake system.

Reinforced Smoothing Screed, Underfloor Heating and a Matt Epoxy finish.

Outdoor Pools

Resin bound with an attractive Epoxy Flake.

Domestic Spaces

This is a levelling screed with a hard wearing epoxy coating Matt finish in a domestic property.

An eye catching Metallic Resin system in a kitchen.