Bespoke Industrial Flooring Solutions in the UK and Europe


A High-Build Epoxy Coating featuring Slip Resistance and a Glossy Finish.

An Epoxy Screed covered with Epoxy Coatings and Lane Lines.

High-Build Epoxy Coating.


High-Build Epoxy Coating.

Pumpable Industrial Topping and High-Build Epoxy Coating.

Outdoor Carparks

A Resin Bound System suitable for vehicle traffic.

Indoor Carparks

A Fast Cure Resin system with parking spaces.


Cementitious Polymer Industrial Topping.


Floor levelled and finished with an Epoxy Flake system.

Reinforced Smoothing Screed, Underfloor Heating and a Matt Epoxy finish.

Outdoor Pools

Resin bound with an attractive Epoxy Flake.

Kitchen Areas

An eye catching Metallic Resin system.